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Is the OAuth only possible with the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce? If yes, thecustomers need to login to salesforce to get the toke with my account. it would be great, if you can help me. I am absolutly new to Salesforce. Thank you su much. Tanja

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Salesforce, Security OAUTH 2.0 Authenticate Salesforce Using OAUTH 2.0 . In this tutorial we will demonstrate how can we Authenticate Salesforce Using OAUTH 2.0. OAuth 2.0 is an open protocol that authorizes secure data sharing between applications through the exchange of tokens.

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In a new Salesforce Developer Org, create a Connected App with OAuth (minimum scope id, openid), and a callback URL Create a Social application in Django admin, with client id, client key, and login_url (in “key” field) Salesforce uses oAuth protocol to allow application users to access the data in salesforce securely without exposing Username and password of a particular user. But before we could make a REST Api call, we need to authenticate our app with salesforce, by making it a connected app.

All endpoints require secure HTTP (HTTPS). Each OAuth flow defines which endpoints you need to use and what request data you need to provide. If you're verifying authentication on a sandbox organization, use "test.salesforce.com" instead of "login.salesforce.com" in all the OAuth endpoints listed above. For example - see the below ...The Callback URL can be a dummy URL as we will be using the 'resource owner password grant' - in other words our application will authenticate with Salesforce using a legitimate user's Username and Password. Check Enable OAuth Settings and select "Access and manage your data (api)" under Selected OAuth Scopes. Click Save and then click Continue.To Authenticate Salesforce with Facebook OAuth, book a demo with DreamFactory. DreamFactory is an open source API gateway that can handle all of your customized integrations. What is DreamFactory? DreamFactory is the premier API lifecycle management platform. It eliminates duplication of effort in code development, documentation, and testing by ...