How to bypass boiler air pressure switch

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Disconnect the wires connected to the pressure switch by pulling the wire connectors off of the switch terminals. Set a multimeter to test for resistance (ohms). Touch each tester probe to one of the switch terminals. The tester should read 0 or close to 0 (indicating no resistance). How do I know if my pressure switch is bad?

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I'm not sure if the pressure switch is working ok in the FIC. I did bypass the T3 and T4 terminal mini volt signal from the FIC to boiler as a temporary fix today. Tied the gas valve to the B1 and B2 in the Aquastat. It seemed to work fine. Time will tell. Would changing the pressure switch in the FIC fix this or is it more the relay in the FIC?

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Install a static pressure probe located in the air handling unit main discharge duct at least six feet or as far as physically possible downstream of the fan and upstream of any dampers and pipe to a differential pressure switch located in the temperature control panel. Wire in series with the safety circuit of the supply and return fan. Air Flow Pressure Switch Fan Filter Heating Electrical Heating Heatpump Humidi˜er AQ = Air Quality Sensor CP = Control Panel CW = Chilled water valve EF1 = Extract Fan EAF1 = Extract air˚ow pressure switch EFP1 = Extract ˜lter pressure switch ED1 = Extract air damper EH1 = Thyristor heater FS1 = Frost stat FA = Fresh air temperature sensor

A friend said it could be the air pressure switch. Can anybody help please. 0 ... All boilers should have a bypass. A lot of new boilers have inbuilt bypasses. Older boilers required a connection from the flow pipe to the return pipe, before the first radiator. This would have a gate valve on it which would be mostly closed off to allow some ...