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Little Sister (Reader x Haikyuu) - Gamer. ... this is a doodle blog ★SHOP OPEN ★ ★★ ART TUMBLR HERE★ ★★FAQ★ ★HAIKYUU!! ART TAG Email: [email protected] ★INSTAGRAM★Tweets by @mookie000 theme. Sugar&Spice. Anime. 1. Haikyuu Manga. Haikyuu Funny. Haikyuu Fanart. Manga Anime.

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I'm getting so many requests for haikyuu x teammates sibling! reader since the Nishinoya fic and tbh I ain't complaining. Bokuto Crushing on Akaashi's Older Sister HC. Bokuto is one of those guys who obeys Brocode to the fullest extent. In his eyes it is basically religious text and for the most part, the rules were pretty standard.He said, placing his head on your shoulder. You purse your lips, keeping your eyes on your phone before Kuroo let out a whine, startling the people within the vicinity. " (Y/N)… notice me!". He said, nuzzling his face on your shoulder. You bit back a small smile at his actions before shaking your head.

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haikyuu icons pt.1 I got these icons from tumblr but I put psds over them, and my watermark is @soda pop on TSA (thene shop amino) haikyuu haikyuu icons Kageyama hinata Karasuno haikyuu!! hinata icons Kageyama icons

Daredevil - Haikyuu x Reader Summary: Tanaka (y/n), younger sister of Tanaka Ryunosuke! You've been watching your brother play volleyball since you both we just kids. You found your own passion, which...this is a Haikyuu x Given Crossover this is about you been betrayed by you’re so called crushes but you moved to another side of the country and meet the Band named Given and you joined them so for now is not a lovely character x reader is more like a self empowerment Scenario and is a sort of angst so if you want a part two gives this a love and I’ll think about it