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After adding these settings to your server.cfg file for your Souce game server, click "Save File" to save those changes. 6. Proceed to exit your server's FTP and then restart your server. You have now successfully setup FastDL on your Source game server! Experiencing issues using FastDL on your game server?

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Einführung. Verbindest du dich mit einem Source Server, so lädt dein Client alle nötigen Maps, Texturen, Models, Sounds, usw. die ihm fehlen, vom Server runter. Leider liegt die maximale Uploadgeschwindigkeit der Source Server bei 20 KB/s, was den Download großer Maps in die Ewigkeit zieht. Bei eingerichtetem Fast Download lädt der Client ...

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Ko mi ubaci fastdl na server dobija heada. Ti si poceo zesce da smaras da ti kazem, svrati do sajta fdlsrbija I kupi, nakon toga fajlove koji ti se skidaju ubaci tu, I dodaj link fdl-a u server.cfg ti si svima zivima za gluposti nudio head admina, tako server nikad nece da ti uspe, malo google malo znanja I na zalost bez para nista danas.FastDL for Server Hosts. Clients Auto-Download from a site instead of your server. Faster with less strain on your server, and less lag. Hoobalugalar_X, the official developer (for those who don't know), has graciously provided a paid server for the FastDL system, at least until he implements a workshop/other download system for the maps.

Free installation fees. From $129.90 /mo. Order Now. We offer reliable dedicated servers, fast and robust with the best equipment available in the market. No server installation fees and our price/quality ratio is the best. High secure data center and network with advanced DDoS protection. Redundant platform with high availability and uptime.A server update with disabled unused HTTP headers has been pushed. As for FastDL it has been mentioned before that it's gonna change in 0.3.8 update therefore, since 0.3.7 FastDL mechanism is complicated, we won't assist you.Modify the path with the path to the folder your created for fastdl (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Empires Dedicated Server\fastdl) 6. Don't forget to root the ports required by Apache and MySQL (80, 443 and 3306).